Partnership for Sustainability Award by UN Global Compact

At the end of 2021, UA Heritage project DNA of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery has been awarded by Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021 International Contest held by UN Global Compact. The project has become the contest finalist at the nomination for Economic Development. Among others, international jury has allotted the award taking into account project’s prominent educational, inclusive, and environmentally friendly features in the field of art.

During 2021 we have succeeded in building strong team of volunteers (Ukrainian journalists, folk masters, museum experts, internationally renowned scholars and scientists in Ukraine and abroad), who have been rethinking national identity issues and producing contents for our online museum. Member of our team – traditional folk art masters – are committed to recreate lost art pieces and make foundations for promotion of this little known page of Ukrainian art history abroad. We have been collecting and investigating historical facts about cultural fusion between founders of unique embroidery workshops in Ukraine and prominent artists in France and Poland.

We presented a special pilot exhibit for people with sight loss at the representative meeting of UN Global Compact in Ukraine. The exhibit consists of a suprematist embroidery item made in 3D technique from recycled plastics, and supplied with concise description in Braille font. This way century-old Avant-Garde embroideries have become accessible “for view by touch” by disabled people with sight loss. The second aim of the project, environmental friendliness, is achieved with recycled plastics employed for making the exhibit. Due to recycled reincarnation, the plastics is granted with second life in a piece of art.

Українська вишивка авангарду

Вишивка авангарду - результат
безпрецедентного експерименту
співпраці видатних митців авангарду
початку 20 століття і майстрів
української народної вишивки

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