DNA of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery DNA of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery



Our museum is mainly the result of dedicated efforts of many volunteers in Ukraine and abroad. However, some financial resources are needed to maintain online platform, organize and conduct educational events and live exhibitions, recreate more embroideries after authentic sketches of old masters, produce exhibits for handicapped people with impaired sight. Your financial contribution will support these crucial project activities and assist in making the unique Ukrainian cultural heritage accessible for world artistic communities, representatives of fashion industry and design, as well as wider public interested to learn more about Ukrainian culture.

You can take part in our activities as a volunteer. Plese, fill in the online questionnaire  to let us know how you can contribute. We will communicate you accoding to your contact information.  

UA.HERITAGE is non-governmental non-for-profit organization that maintains the online museum and its projects. It combines efforts of Ukrainian traditional art researchers, fashion designers, scientists, and all those who are inspired by Ukrainian cultural heritage. Our team presents the unique phenomenon of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery: we are collecting required items, knowledge, and old technologies, tangible and intangible assets, involving interested people into projects. We fill the online platform with authentic sketches and unique embroidery panels recreated after old masters’ sketches, related to artistic experiment fulfilled on Ukrainian soil 100 years ago. Also our volunteers create contemporary works inspired by old sketches, however guided by contemporary authors’ insights and made with modern fabric and threads. We organize live exhibitions in world cultural capitals. Statute of the organization (in Ukrainian)
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UN Global CompactTatiana Sakharuk, Chief Executive Director – United Nations Global Compact Ukraine
Online museum “DNA of Ukrainian Embroidery of Avant-Garde” is a unique project with powerful educational features. It reveals little known page of Ukrainian art to wider public. The beginning of 20th century is the time of great creative experiments in all fields of art, as well as radical change of basic canons for visual art and settled traditions. The wave of change has also reached embroidery art, folk and traditional, and led to unexpected results. UN Global Compact has been promoting comparatively young idea of sustainable development. The idea relates to two basic notions – preservation and development, which can be applied to social sphere, as well as to economics and environment. For the preservation and development are the essential activities for cultural heritage undertaken by artistic communities during centuries. They have been protecting, preserving, actualizing, and retranslating cultural heritage from generation to generation. This is the very thing civil society activists, government officials, and business people can learn from artistic communities. Online Museum “DNA of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery“ is the best example of this phenomenon. Sustainability of the project is represented here not only with a bright idea. The museum exhibition includes items specifically made for people with sight loss. Precise copies of exhibits will be 3D-printed from recycled plastic and supplied with descriptive texts in Braille font. We are happy inclusiveness and environment friendly approaches have been gradually becoming common practices in the field of art and education .

Українська вишивка авангарду

Вишивка авангарду - результат
безпрецедентного експерименту
співпраці видатних митців авангарду
початку 20 століття і майстрів
української народної вишивки

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