Photo Album of Those Times

Natalia Davydova & Karol Szymanowski
Kazimir Malevich and Avant-Garde Embroidery
Folk Eembroidery Masters in Verbivka Village
Folk Masters Hanna Sobachko-Shostak and Paraska Vlasenko

Masterpices by Hanna Sobachko-Shostak was presented at various exhibitions in Europe. Photos from archive of National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art.

Scoptsy village. Anastasiia Semihradova
Artistic Heads of Embroidery Workshops. Exhibitions in Berlin and at Lemercier’s Gallery
Davydovs’ Country Estate in Verbivka

Davydovs’ Country Estate in Verbivka (currently in Kamianka district of Kyiv oblast). Beginning of XX century. Photo from archive of Kamianka State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

Imprisonment of Natalia Davydova in Odesa

The story about detention of the artist Natalia Davydova by Cheka in Odesa in winter, 1920 resembles a horrible surrealistic story from absurd theatre play. Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and further terrible events have left her without anything. The picture presents the sketch by AGITPROM, 1919. The building of local Cheka, the most horrible place in those days, is behind the Statue of Katherine II (wrapped in fabric with stars).

The engraving of the end of ІХХ century shows so called Prison Castle on Lustdorf Way, Odesa. It’s here, where Natalia Davydova’s younger son has died and where she has been imprisoned for most of her confinement term after artificial indictment. On the right, the two-stories building of women department is visible, which Davydova depicted in her diary “Half-year of imprisonment in 1920-1921”.

Українська вишивка авангарду

Вишивка авангарду - результат
безпрецедентного експерименту
співпраці видатних митців авангарду
початку 20 століття і майстрів
української народної вишивки

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