Ukrainian Decorative Paining on Posters and Used Artillery Shells

Exhibition “Patriotic Art-Poster in Ukrainian Decorative Painitng Style” have been helding since18 November till 11 December 2022 in Kyiv at National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art – Lavrska Street 9. Althouth the exhibition had been setting in place and openning at the candlelight (becouse of wartime blackout), the concentration of positivity in museum have been so high that the light have begun originating from visitors, authors, and peaces of art.

The exhibition shows the best works of talented amateurs and professional artists. More than 70 posters took part in casting competition, from which 40 best posters were selected. At the exhibition opening, the Performance ART AS WEAPON has been conducted. The artists painted on shot artillery shells. Also you can see there cartridge used cases and gunpowder charge tubes for howitzer М777 painted in the slyle of famous Ukrainian decorative paintings.

Now this masterpeices are available for purchase at silent charitable auction via social page @UA.Heritage, or at final charitable auction at National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art 11 December 2022. The aim of the auction – to raise funds for needs of Ukrainian Armved Forces.

Event Highlight on a Ukrainian TV Channel

Any exhibit can be purchased at the exhibition!

Registration form for auction participants:

Organizers of the events – @National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art та Online Museum #UAHeritage@Iryna Petrenko @Svitlana Makhonko.

This is already the forth large scale project of the UA Heritage team since the begining of Russian agresson against Ukraine. 

The project ambassador of the event is Ukrainian art paint producer @rosaukraine !

Wish to engage into ART community and take part in events conducted by @UA.Heritage – fill in the form:

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